My oldest boy Ayden has been attending Little Foot Preschool for the last 3 years and I've been fortunate enough to be able to do their graphic design for them.  They have been a great company to work with, and they always do such a great job!

For graduation this year, I designed the graduation invite around the preschool's logo and website design.  She wanted to keep it clean and simple.  I completly forgot to take a picture of the actual printed invite and can't seem to find it at the moment... this will have to do.

Mrs. Melissa also had me design a welcome sign for her to use every year.  We printed it on a thick 120# card stock and had it mounted to a posterboard.  This way, she will be able to use it for all of her graduations in all the years to come. Her assistant this year was Mrs. Dorinda, and she was wonderful! I'm pretty sure my little man has a crush on her... or her daughter.

For the theme of graduation this year, it was 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.  So, we added some of the fun graphics from the book to the program.  I also forgot to take a picture of my actual program, so you get a digital rendering instead.  I loved how the theme went so well with the fact that the children are graduating preschool and growing up and moving on.  The symbolism of the caterpillar and the butterfly worked perfectly!

When each of the children recieved their 'diploma's' (which were inside), they went and got these amazing portfolios and were able to get a picture with Mrs. Melissa.  I was able to design the portfolio covers for all the children, personalized with their own name and picture!  Oh, how Ayden is going to miss her!  She prepared him in every way possible!

To follow the theme of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and the room decor they hung up a large caterpillar with each child's picture in one of the circles!  It was adorable!  Some of the circles even had legs on them!  

Then they had these amazing caterpillar cupcake cakes and some water for everyone to take at the end.  The cakes were done by Abby @ Abby's Creations and they always taste wonderful as well as looking too cute to eat!  So, for any of you local peeps, check her out!

And, lastly I designed some super cute and simple 'The Very Hungry Caterplillar' water bottle wrappers.  Melissa asked for my personal opinion when it came to feeding 150+ people.  I responded with "water bottles!"  You can get jugs with water, and paper cups, but then you will have a HUGE line waiting to fill each cup up.  Or, you could have them pre-filled, which takes a LOT of time for you.  Or, you could just buy some water bottles, put them in the refridgerator overnight and pull them out right before.  Yes, they are heavy and you will have to haul them around.  But, so is water, ice and cups.  My vote- Water Bottles with 50+.

I put the cute very hungry caterpillar on one side and the beautiful butterfly on the other.

Here is me, my handsome hubby, and my little man!  I love that he wore his cap on backwards the whole time, and on purpose. :)  He's got such a funny, unique personality already!  I can't wait to see what his future holds for him!