Continuing our Snickerplum Green & Green St. Patrick's Day Party!  We did a few fun things that we wanted to share...

Of course with Saint Patrick's Day you want to have as much green as possible!  So, we had for our drinks lime coolaid and lemonade (which looked surprisingly green next to all the other green stuff).  But, if you wanted to stay healthy, you could of course use dye and color your milk or even your water!  We then took our glasses and added a little BLING!  If you've never sugared the rims on a drink before, you should!  Because it's very easy and adds quite a lot to the overall decor of your party!

So, all you have to do is:

Step 1: get a plate and put some maple syrup or corn syrup on it.
Step 2: get a bowl with your sugar.  (we used crystal sprinkles that were already colored green)  But, if you don't have sugar or larger sugar crystal sprinkles colored the color you want, you can take white ones (or granulated sugar) and add a few drops of food coloring and mix until colored evenly.
Step 3: Take your cup, turn it upside down, dip in syrup, dip in sprinkles, and Voila!

For our second party activity (the 1st one being the Leprauchan Pot of Gold Treasure Hunt- you can find more about that on our previous post), we colored some leprauchan masks found at JoAnn in the dollar section up front.  The kids LOVED coloring their own and played with them for weeks after.  Even my 18 month old loves playing with his and was so proud of his coloring skills!

We also created these FREE printable tags (4/pg) for you to print out and use as you desire.  You can use them for a nice gift tag for loved ones, family members, business associates, or friends.

This FREE printable can be found HERE.

For a cute way to use this printable check out an awesome website, full of great DIY projects, decorating tips, and more- Just Our Style.

Thanks for visiting!  Happy St. Patty's Day everyone!