Continuing our Little Man Baby Shower, we decided to have do a feature wall.  The first picture is from a different Little Man themed shower I did.  For this one, I used more of the tissue paper poms for decor than balloons, like I did for my first.  

You can learn how to do tissue paper poms HERE.

We made some onsies with ties on them and hung them from ribbon with clothes pins.  I especially loved the HUGE clothes pins we found at a boutique to hang the ribbon from!  They are also great for putting on tables and putting pictures or other cute decorative papers in them.  I'm sure you'll see them used often as one of Snickerplum's regular baby shower accessories :)

Below our feature wall we put our interactive activity, (which we did in place of a game).  We had a pile of diapers and some markers, for the guests to write something silly on the diaper for the soon to be parents.  We ended up with some funny ones like "Where's Grandma when you need her?" "Again!!!" "Don't forget the pee-pee tee-pee!" and "Whoa!"
It was nice to have the instructions in a frame, so you didn't have to explain the game to everyone, you could just point them in the general direction and remind them to participate.

When throwing your own Little Man Party, you can download our free 5x7 printable HERE.  

You can use this format to create many different things: A menu, food labels, game instructions, table numbers, present station label, etc...

Another thing that the Little Man Party Package has, that is a little different from the others, is the cupcake toppers comes with two sets of toppers.  The first set has the original ones shown in the previous post and the second set is all 'grab yourself a milk mustache' for your drinks.  You could put these on a cute ribbon and hang them from the neck of an old fashion milk jug, you could put them directly on a glass like we did below, or you could put them on a mason jar with a straw for a vintage effect.

Our cute pewter daisy stamped lids (for a small mouth mason jar) are now available HERE for 12 and HERE for 24.

I hope we were able to give you a little inspiration for your next celebration!  Thanks for joining us!