I'm finally getting around to posting pics from Snickerplum's Newest Party Package- the Baby Giraffe Collection!  

Here is the Baby Giraffe Baby Boy Shower Invite.  
(Next to one of my favorite baby items- the Vintage Sophie Giraffe)

This package is all shown in a baby boy shower, but if anyone wants me to convert it into a baby girl shower collection, or even a Birthday Package, I would love to see how it turns out!  So, let me know.  This collection is so versatile!

My friend Tiffany that I designed this shower for loves lots of color, so I opted for a fun, bright, color pallet vs a pastel baby blue.  And, I am SO HAPPY with how this baby shower turned out!  It was a very refreshing shower for me to throw; one without ANY baby blue!  The greatest part was how surprised Tiff was!

It was Tiffany's 2nd baby boy, so we had a small get together with just a few close friends.  We were able to do a dinner, complete with REAL silverware and glass glasses!  I was so excited to use these cutest teal goblets my mother-in-law had and to not have to eat with anything paper or plastic!

For the center piece I found some dyed tall grass and some black and glittery twisty twigs at Hobby Lobby.  Then I bought some yellow gerber daisy's to top it off.  My favorite part, which was unintended, was that the blue dye turned the water blue, giving it a colorful tint through the vases.  All set on a serving tray with some decorative styrofoam balls and a cute yellow bird.

My friend Jen had cute flowered dishes with the perfect colors orange, yellow and blue!!  I also had some cute teal beaded napkin rings from Crate and Barrel.  Add a Thank You sugar cookie on the bread plate and the place setting was complete.

For the Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Banner I used a contemporary style, complete with chevron, polka dots, striped, and giraffe prints.  Along with the Baby Shower letter tiles, there are also 3 giraffe tiles that can be used in the room decor, or the banner.  I put one at the beginning, in-between the words 'baby' and 'shower' and one at the end.  

We decided to do our shower outside in Jen's beautiful backyard with an amazing view, so we set up a shade tent, attached some twinkle lights and hung some summery lanterns from the center.  

(HINT 1: when hanging lights, make sure your strand color is the same color as the background you will be hanging them on.  In our case, it what a white inside tent and white bars, so we used white stranded Christmas Lights.  This way, they won't stand out in a bad way before it gets super dark.)

(HINT 2: When hanging decorations from something like a tent where you only have 4 bars, if you want something to go inbetween the bars, all you have to do is connect some string from one bar to the other, giving you now another place to hang items from)

The View...

Man can my friends cook!  The food was AMAZING!  I do decor, not food so much... But, I did make the cookies.  Tutorial to come...

The Oriental Chicken Salad was most definently as good to eat as it was beautiful!

This picture is actually quite awful, but it helps you get an idea how amazing the tent looked once it finally got dark.

Our Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Party Products can be found here:


Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Invite
Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Banner
Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers (not shown above)
Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers (not shown above)
Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Complete Party Package


PDF Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Invite- Printable
PDF Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Banner- Printable
PDF Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Cupcake Toppers (not shown above)- Printable
PDF Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Cupcake Wrappers (not shown above)- Printable
PDF Baby Giraffe Baby Shower Complete Party Package- Printable


Thanks for being a great friend Tiff!  And thanks Jen and Jessica for the great food!!